Time to Play Online Roulette for Free with Us

Legend has it that the roulette wheel was invented by 17th-Century French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal, as a by-product of his attempts to create a perpetual motion engine. When perpetual motion proved impossible, so the story goes, the almost frictionless, free-spinning wheel was adapted into the gambling game that became a casino classic.

Some historian’s doubt the truth of this legend, but Pascal is most definitely connected to roulette in another way: through his work in advanced mathematics. As the father of probability theory, his equations are still in use today when calculating the odds on random events, such as the interaction between a spinning wheel and a bouncing ball.

Pascal may or may not have invented the roulette wheel, but his work is certainly useful when working out spread-betting systems that increase the chances of a roulette win on every spin. Betting systems are the best way to make the most of any roulette session, which is becoming increasingly important as more and more casino games fans discover the convenience of online roulette. Anyone with Internet access can choose now to play online roulette whenever the urge strikes them.

Enjoy the Fun of Roulette for Free

Some avid roulette players are not interested in risking real money; they play purely for fun and the joy of seeing their numbers come up. Free online casinos, which allow play for credits and pay out all wins in credits too, let them play roulette free of charge for as long as they like. For newcomers to roulette, free play is the best way to learn the basics without risk. Free casinos are also a perfect place to experiment with roulette betting systems, so they can be helpful even to players who want to wager actual money for the chance of real wins, but who first want to get to know a betting system well enough to play it intuitively.

When players have accrued enough credits, free casinos will often enter them in lucky draws, with money and other real-value prizes; so even when playing roulette free, players can be winners. In addition, real-money casinos offer frequent free-play bonuses to attract more players. Although any of these free bonus spins will have terms and conditions attached, they are nevertheless another chance for players to win real money without risking their own bankroll.

It’s All about Options

There are literally hundreds of online casinos available, almost all of which will offer roulette, free or for real money. Free casinos and free-bonus spins allow players to try different sites, and find the ones they like best, before they commit to wagering money on them. Whether players prefer the American or European version, or even roulette’s “little brother’, boule, they will be able to find their favourites. Some casinos even offer several versions of the same game, each one specifically coded for optimal play on a specified device, which give roulette fans even more options.

When it comes to betting systems, there is a huge variety to try out already, with more being invented time to time. So ultimately, a casino-games enthusiast’s online roulette options boil down to two basic questions: where to play, and for how long.