Finding the Best Aus Open Betting Odds 

The Australian Open was first held in 1905, giving it a long and traditional history. Currently this is one of the four Grand Slam tennis events of the year. The other three are the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Being a Grand Slam event, the tournament features men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles competitions. Melbourne will also be hosting the junior, wheelchair, legends and exhibition events of the Australian Open.

The Australian Open in 2016 will be held from January 18th until January 31st.

The sports betting world is traditionally also agog with wagering opportunities and tennis betting, already a major pastime with armchair tennis enthusiasts, always receives a further shot in the arm as millions of punters aim to cash in on their tennis knowledge.

Some of the options to place online wagers on with respect to tennis online betting offers, aside from directly wagering on the winners of the tournaments, are; which players will reach the finals of any particular championship, the winners of individual matches within the tournament, the scores in any particular match and the number of sets played by each player. Some bookmakers or sports betting sites will allow punters to choose losers of particular matches and finals, and occasionally even allow live betting, which is a devastatingly exciting way of betting on the action as the match ebbs and flows on court. Expert punters get to analyse rapidly changing odds as it varies during the course of key matches.

The Basis of Determining the Betting Odds

The current singles champions of the Australian Open are Novak Djokovic, who beat Andy Murray in the 2015 final, and for the women, Serena Williams, who defeated Maria Sharapova in the Women’s Final. The AFL betting odds for the 2016 tournament reflect this history, and favour these winners from last year. As overall winner, Aus Open betting odds have Novak Djokovic at even money, with Andy Murray the second favourite at 4/1, and Roger Federer at 7/1. Nadal and Wawrinka follow at 10/1 and 12/1 respectively. Outsiders such as Hewitt and Ferdasco are given different odds, based on the particular sports book, and range from 200/1 to 500/1. This is also why punters should compare the different bookmakers, particularly when wanting to wager on an outsider, for the Aus Oopen betting odds can vary quite significantly.

The Odds as they Stand Now

For the women, Serena Williams is at 2/1, Maria Sharapova at 13/2 and Victoria Azarenka at 7/1. The other players are led by Simona Halep at 15/2. With respect to the variations between bookmakers, Sam Stosur, the Australian contestant and interest, currently varies between 40/1 and 100/1. Punters wanting to make the most of the Aus Open betting odds, especially given that Australian players are likely to perform better in front of home crowds than elsewhere, should shop around for the odds that suit them best.

The Aus Open betting odds include being able to wager on the particular players reaching the final. In the case of the mens’ section, and the current champion, Djokovic, the odds on him reaching the final are currently given as 3/10 on at most major sports books. Nick Kyrgios, Australia’s main hope, is at 30/1 to reach the final. For the women, Serena Williams is at 1/2 odds on favourite to reach the final, with Maria Sharapova second at 2/1.

The Aus Open betting odds for 2016 are therefore variable depending on the sports site selected, and true punters should shop around for the best available odds that would work best for the wager that they intend.