Amuzi Is Not Yet One Of The Big Developers

The online gambling industry is growing extremely fast, and has also become highly competitive. Amuzi Gaming is one of the newest players in this business, and nothing much is yet known about them. There has probably not been much success yet in trying to secure enough business to build a reputation. Certainly they have not gone unnoticed, though.

Amuzi was formed in 2011, by a group of people who claim to be specialists who have a good amount of experience in the industry. Their professional developers span from across the globe, and the team comprises the best engineers and developers in the field. They certainly seem to be software developers of new games with a difference. The headquarters of the company is situated in Belize City, Belize. Amuzi do seem to be hard at work developing software and games, and trying to find casino operators who will use their services. There does not seem to be much information about the company’s principals or employees, or where the company is licensed to operate.

The Games Provided Are Of Top Quality

Amuzi games seem to be available only in download mode, which can mean they are not using the modern HTML 5 technology.  The software and games produced by Amuzi has only been available in a few casinos to date. The website that Amuzi use, as well as the casinos that do feature their software, all indicate that they are providing a good customer service and baking module. At the moment, Amuzi offers about 30 different games.

There are a few roulette and video poker games among them, but most of the games are slots, including a few progressive jackpot slots games.  The graphics used in Amuzi slots games are attractive and appealing, and the video and audio features are also exciting.  All this indicates that Amuzi slot games can take their place alongside those of the best known developers in the business. Some of the Amuzi  titles available at present are 101 Lions, Circus Carnival and Great Apes. The offer slots games with 25, 50, 100, 243 and even 1024 abd 1125 pay lines, as well as some progressive jackpot games, like Bushveld, Living the Dream and Big Chase. The Mermaid’s Lucky Chest and the King of Cairo slots games are also by Amuzi gaming.

Amuzi also offers a selection of free mobile keno games for the player to try. These are created by some of the other better known developers, together with an instruction booklet.

All Regulations Adhered To

Amuzi affirm that both their team and their products adhere to the strictest standards set by the gaming regulators. The online gaming industry is growing so fast, there have to be rules to regulate the business, and Amuzi will make sure that they abide by those rules.

There is much advice online on how to learn different Jackpotcity Casino NZ games. Beginner players are often unsure what is involved, how much money to use, and how safe the betting site is. The rules are the same whether the player uses a land based casino or plays online. The objective is to win, but players have to understand that it may happen that they do not hit a jackpot every time they play. A few small wins can add up to a lot. Player should also be able to recognise when the time is right to walk away with the winnings.