Electing Favourite Online Bingo Games

When electing favourite bingo games that are available online, players can choose amongst a variety of themed games as well as the different versions of online bingo games. It is not only important to select the best version of bingo or theme when electing favourite bingo games as a host of other aspects can make one game better than the other. These include where the game is being played, is the online bingo hall or casino reputable, what bonuses are offered to play the game and so on. Each reputable online bingo hall or casino will supply access to most of the popular bingo games on a regular basis, all through the day. They also offer incentives to join up and continue playing.

Different Versions of Online Bingo Games

The online selection available when electing favourite bingo games include the 90 ball bingo games, the 75 ball bingo games, the 80 ball bingo games, 30 ball bingo games and more. These bingo games all have the same goal of marking off a certain pattern of numbers on the bingo ticket in order to win but they do differ slightly with their setups and winning pattern requirements.

90 ball bingo tickets display three rows and nine columns. Each row consists of five numbers and four empty spaces. The numbers that are displayed on the ticket range from one to ninety. To win with 90 ball bingo either any one full line, any two full lines or a full house needs to be marked off.

The 75 ball bingo tickets display five rows and five columns. Each block displays random numbers from one to seventy five except the middle block which is the free block. The winning patterns in 75 ball bingo are endless as they can be anything from horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to shapes of numbers, letters or items.

80 ball bingo is played on a grid of four rows and four columns. All sixteen of the blocks display a number from one to eighty. A strip in 80 ball bingo consists of five tickets which will display every number from one to eighty. There are four different types of possible wins in 80 ball bingo. These include any one line, two lines, three lines or a full house. The one line win can have a pattern occurring on a vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, four corner squares and the four middle squares.

Free and Real Money Bingo Games

Most of the games selected while electing favourite bingo games are available to be played for free. These games offer prizes in the form of gift certificates or smaller money amounts. Some of the online bingo halls or Australian bookmakers offer incentives where a limited number of free bingo games can be played before making a deposit, these limited amount of free games will reward real money wins when a bingo game is won.

The Progressive Online Bingo Jackpots

The online bingo games that offer progressive jackpots are popular when electing favourite bingo games. Progressive jackpot bingo games are available to play all through the day and are available to play in the 90 ball games, 75 ball games, 80 ball games and other variations of bingo.