Everything About New Jersey Online Sports Betting Reviewed

New Jersey Sports Betting

New Jersey citizens love their sports betting, with a large percentage of the population taking part in betting on a regular basis. Many are already doing their betting via the convenience of online bookmakers, but some have yet to make the switch over to the incredibly convenient method of placing bets. For those who have not yet made the switch, let’s take a look at some of the many benefits, as well as a few of the potential cons.

It should first be noted that online bookmakers are legal, fully licensed, and abide by laws enforced by New Jersey gambling authorities. This does not mean that there are not online bookmakers who fall outside of the law, but the vast majority are fully legal. So, any betting done online at a licensed bookmaker is completely, 100% legal. Be sure to look for the logo that declares a website licensed, which can generally be found at the bottom right of a website’s homepage. If you have any doubts about a website being legal, a quick Google search should clear up any worries or doubts.

Second, it should be kept in mind that new online bookmakers are springing up on a fairly regular basis, and that there are a number to choose from. A smart New Jersey citizen will take the time to browse around at a few websites before committing money and settling on a favourite. There are, after all, possibly better deals to be found with just a little searching around, and a savvy bet maker will even have a number of accounts at different websites. There is no limit to the number of accounts a person can have, so having fingers in many pies is absolutely allowed.

Which Sports Are Covered?

Online bookmakers generally make an effort to offer betting options on as many sports as possible. Favourite local sports, such as American football, baseball, and basketball will generally be the focus of United States based online betting sites, but if you enjoy overseas sports, such as rugby or cricket, betting options for these sports will almost certainly also be available. In fact, even more niche and obscure sports will be available, making an online bookmaker the most versatile way to be involved in sports betting. Should there be a sports match taking place on the other side of the world that has your fancy, look around on you will surely uncover betting options.

If you find that a sport you’re interested in is not available to bet on at a bookmaker, simply explore a few other websites, or request that the sport be added. Online bookmakers are normally eager to provide betting options for any sport that a customer is interested in. You may even start a new trend at a website, getting others interested in lesser known interesting sports.

Live Broadcasts

Many online bookmakers even offer live broadcasts of sports, meaning that you can place a bet, watch the sport live, and collect your winnings without ever having to leave a single website. Which sports are broadcast will depend on the bookmaker, and the availability of the sport’s broadcast rights, but most mainstream sports are available to watch at an average online bookmaker. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that live streaming sports will require a fast, reliable internet connection. If you try and watch a live feed, and find that it is interrupted by loading times, you may not have a fast enough internet connection.

Special Promotional Deals And Loyalty Points

With so many online bookmakers to choose from, many websites will offer amazingly generous promotional deals to draw customers. These bonuses can come in the form of bonus cash, generous odds, or a variety of other forms. Be sure to first read the terms and conditions of a bonus before accepting it, but also be sure to grab promotional deals as they are made available, since they tend not to be around for very long. In general, bonus cash will be very helpful, but will normally require that certain requirements be met before the cash may be withdrawn from the website.

Loyalty points are one of the biggest drawing cards of online bookmakers. They provide rewards to customers who keep visiting a specific website, and will often increase in value the longer the customer keeps returning. Loyalty systems, also sometimes referred to as VIP systems, are often extremely generous, and allow a bet maker to win, even if losing in the betting game. Be sure to check what sort of loyalty programme your favourite online bookmaker provides, and don’t hesitate to go elsewhere if you feel it is not good enough.

Getting Started

If you’re convinced, and would like to try your luck at an online bookmaker, you can get started right away by simply making an account and depositing starting funds. Making an account is quick and easy, and will take just a few brief moments of time. Details will be requested, after which a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. Open then the email, click the link, and your account will be ready to go. It is important to provide correct details when making an account, as false details, even if meant as a joke, could cause problems further down the line, when receiving a big payout.

Once the account is created, link a bank account and transfer starting funds into the online account. This will also take only a few moments. Once the cash is in the account, bets may be placed immediately. Remember that winnings earned will appear in the online account, and not the linked bank account. Winnings may be transferred from the online account to the bank account whenever the user wishes, however, but the transfer may take a few days to reflect.


Citizens of New Jersey now know everything they need to know about the basics of using an online bookmaker. In conclusion, be sure to keep your account login details secret, and also be sure to only bet responsibly and with disposable cash.