How To Break A Losing Betting Streak

All punters will experience a losing streak at some stage and some may even experience a few.  When the losing streak hits it is important for Canadian bettors to know how to deal with it.

Accept the Losing Streak

Punters should be realistic in their expectations when placing bets on sports.  All punters will have some bad luck; even professional bettors will experience some losses.  Canadian bettors should make sure that their losses are not letting them lose large amounts of money.  If this is the case there is probably something wrong with the betting strategy, possibly the bets being placed are too big or the way the bettor chooses a particular bet could be wrong.

The one good outcome of a loss is that punters are able to analyse their betting strategy and too make improvements to it.  Bettors should continue to place bets and weather the storm.  A good plan when placing any bet is to decide how much money to use and stop betting when this money is gone.  Bettors should not chase losses as this will usually result in more losses.

Take a Time Out

If the losses continue Canadian bettors may consider taking a break from sportsbetting for a while.  They should look at the options and if they feel that this losing streak is going to hamper their decision making process or that their betting strategy is inconsistent it may be advisable to take a break.  Everyone is different, but usually a few days is sufficient.  Bettors can make good use of this time to go over where they have been going wrong and maybe even change the way they place bets.

Keep a Record of Past Bets

If bettors discover that this run of losses is depleting their bankroll then this is a good indicator that there is definitely a problem. All bettors should keep records of their bets as this allows them to go back and look where the mistake has been made.  When placing bets they should always make detailed comments on the spread sheet, such as if they used a different betting strategy.

Bettors can look over their comments and usually where they did not follow their usual plan a loss will be seen.  There may be a few where a win was had, but overall sticking to the same strategy is what ensures the wins.  Reviewing past bets also develops discipline and bettors will be much more careful with recording their betting information.

Do Not Lose Heart

Bettors should realise that to win at sportsbetting takes hard work and lots of research.  They must have confidence in their strategy and how they bet.  If a losing streak happens, bettors must push through and continue to use their tried and tested strategy.  This will enable them to work through the losses and also help them not to lose confidence.

These bouts of losses are not easy and there will always be feelings of self-doubt.  Bettors may question their winning streaks and question if they were just good luck or was it their strategy.  Coming to terms with these losing streaks will help bettors to stick to their plan, which will in the end result in a win.  Play online bingo for money Canada and explore the list of bingo sites that offer free bingo for money and start playing from today to win.

Losing streaks happen to everyone and the first step is to realise that they are just a fact and will happen; the key is how to deal with these losses in the best way. For every losing streak there is a winning one just around the corner!