How to Play Video Poker

Video poker has been around since the 1970’s and has become one of the most popular casino games.  Video poker will appeal to players who enjoy a game of skill with a possibility of winning big and a low house edge.

Video poker is simple to play.  You will play between 1 and 5 coins and the machine will in turn give you five cards.  You then decide which cards to keep and which to discard.  Your cards are then replaced and your payout will be dependent on the value of your hand.  With video poker the house does not always have the advantage and by playing tables that pay out well and by having a good strategy in place you may have a thin advantage.

Playing video poker has an advantage over slot machines as the table indicates what return you will have on your money and this is based on your strategy and if you play mathematically.  By playing video poker for free you will be able to master the game in no time and be able to increase your odds of winning when playing for real money when playing online or in a real casino.

Tips for Playing Video Poker

By shopping the paytables you will be able to tell which games offer the best returns.  These you will find on the help screen menu.  Now would be a good time to take advantage of the free option when playing online so that you are ready to play for real money whether playing online or in a land based casino.

A good strategy is to always wager the maximum amount of coins so that when you get a royal flush or any other jackpots your wager will cash out big.  If you are not able to play the maximum bet then rather play a quarter game which will mean you are able to play for longer and possibly win more money.

Always remember to set a budget when playing online keno in Canada.  Once you have played the amount budgeted for, it is best to stop playing and the same goes for when you have won the amount you set for yourself.  When gaming, it is important to be disciplined and to know when to cut your losses.

Be Familiar with the Poker Hands

You should also be familiar with the different hands in poker.  A full house is a pair or three of a kind.  A flush is where the cards are all of the same suit.  A straight is a hand where the cards are consecutive.  An outside straight is when a set of cards can be made a straight by adding another card on each end.  An inside straight is a would-be straight but with a hole in the centre.  A straight flush is comprised of a straight and a flush, while a royal flush is a straight flush with the highest cards.

In video poker the royal flush means a big jackpot win, but unfortunately it does not happen very often, so keep practicing and it could be you winning the big jackpot.