Learn American Roulette Basics Before Playing for Real Money

American roulette is a variation of the traditional European roulette game. American roulette appeared around the mid 19th century, which is when the game migrated from Europe to New Orleans and became its own unique version of the original, containing 2 zero slots instead of 1. American roulette still contains the staple 36 numbered slots on the wheel and the single zero slot, but a second ‘00’ slot was added to give the house a slightly improved edge in the game. In American roulette, payouts are awarded according to the odds of players’ respective bets.

Online American Roulette Availability

There are many online casinos that offer American roulette games to players. These games can usually be played for real money and for free, and a number of renowned casino software providers have created their own unique variations of American Roulette that can be played in Flash format and downloadable games online.

Developers like Microgaming and Vegas Technology offer American roulette games with easy to use interfaces, colourful designs and animations that make a game of online roulette as lifelike as possible. Certain games even offer extra features like detailed 3D graphics, movements of the roulette wheel and other features to add a further element of interest to the game play. As some of the roulette bet types can be more complex, certain games even have features that light up or indicate certain numbers on the wheel to show players exactly what they’re betting on.

American Roulette Bet Types

The bet types available to players of American roulette are similar to those offered by classic European roulette. Players can place both inside and outside bets when playing the American version of roulette both online and at land-based casinos. Outside bets tend to be focussed on larger groups of numbers or colours, offering bets on even or odd, or red or black wheel slots. These outside bets usually have lower associated odds, and therefore pay out slightly more modestly than inside bets.

Players will be able to place American roulette bets like Split, Street, Column, Straight Up and Square bets among others, all of which are also featured in other roulette variations. However, American roulette also offers some unique bet types that are based on its ‘00’ slot. The Top Line bet is specific to American Roulette, and involves a bet placed on slot numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

The Benefits of Online Play

By playing American roulette for free online, players who are new to the game will be able to familiarise themselves with the betting strategies and bet types of the game without risk. There are also a select number of online casinos that offer the game for real money, and a number of bonus offers will most likely be awarded when signing up to play real money American Roulette. Reload bonuses are often offered as an exclusive bonus type to players of American roulette only, due to the game’s higher house edge. Real money American roulette games are also often accompanied by some of the lowest play through requirements of skrill online casino Australia game for the same reason.