More On Oasis Poker Pro High Limit

Oasis Poker Pro High Limit by NetEnt

The Oasis Poker Pro Series is a series of proprietary poker games created by online casino software developer Net Entertainment. The Oasis Poker Pro games are part of the developer’s Professional Series, which includes an array of classic casino table games that are available for online play. Included in the series are games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, punto banco, Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold’em, all of which players can access at most NetEnt casinos.

While the Oasis Poker Pro series offers low limit, standard limit and high limit versions of the game at android casino Australia, the basic rules and methods of playing Oasis Poker Pro remain consistent. This game is based on the classic game of Caribbean Stud Poker and revolves around similar rules, offering just a few key differences and making it a simple game to learn for any player who is familiar with Caribbean Stud.

The Basics of the Game

A game of Oasis Poker Pro High Limit is played against the house, and the basic objective of any player of the game is to hold a better poker hand than that of the dealer. The rules of Oasis Poker Pro High Limit and Caribbean Stud are almost identical, save for a few rules that are unique to the former poker game.

In Oasis Poker High Limit, players have the ability to trade in as many as 5 of the cards in their hand in exchange for new cards from the deck for a fee, thereby adding a unique element to the game play. Also unlike Caribbean Stud poker, Oasis Poker Pro High Limit does not offer a progressive jackpot, and therefore the game’s regular payouts are higher on average.

High Bet Limits and Free Games

A notable feature of Oasis Poker Pro High Limit is its significantly higher bet limits compared to Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit and the standard variation of the game. Players of Oasis Poker Pro High Limit are offered bet limits of between 25.00 and 500.00, making this game suitable for high rollers and players who prefer higher-risk gambling. The theoretical return to player percentage of the game is set at 99.27%.

Also available to players is the opportunity to play Oasis Poker pro High Limit for free at most NetEnt casinos. This allows players a chance to learn more about the rules of the game and improve their Oasis Poker Pro skills before choosing to play the game for real money at a certified NetEnt online casino.

Playing Oasis Poker Pro High Limit

To begin a game of Oasis Poker Pro High Limit, players must place an ante bet of their choice, after which a hand of cards will be dealt to both the player and the dealer. The dealer will receive 4 face-down cards and a single face-up card, also called the ‘hole card’, while players will be dealt all 5 of their cards facing up. At this point, players have the opportunity to exchange any of their cards for new ones from the deck or keep their existing hand. Once this has been decided, the holder of the best poker hand will win the game, with the dealer needing to hold an Ace and King combination or better in order to qualify.