Online Betting for the World Track Championships

The World Track Championships are a set of several world champion events held for the different disciplines of track cycling.

The Union Cycliste Internationale governs the events but before the 1900’s the events were governed by the International Cycling Association.

The first World Track Championships were held in Chicago in 1893. The participants were first amateurs while there was a professional championship held elsewhere. It was only in 1993 that amateurs and professionals joined together and raced in open races but they are selected by their national cycling associations and compete in the colours that represent their country.

Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the first three placing winners. The first place World Track Championships winners also receive a rainbow jersey which is theirs until the following event.

The World Track Championship Events

There are several different types of events held at the World Track Championships, all of which can be bet on. There are races such as the Madison race and the Omnium race which are two teams of two men only who race 50km around the track and a six race event which is split over two days and involves testing the endurance of cyclists.

Some other events at the World Track Championships include the Team Pursuit which comprises of four men or women who race over 4km, the Individual Pursuit which is a race that is timed and the Team Sprint which is a three man team racing three laps. A Sprint, Scratch Race, Time Trial and Keirin race is also on the list of events held at the World Track Championships.

Betting on the World Track Championships

Each cycling event that makes up the World Track Championships has its own set of rules and ways that the cyclists can win. Whether they earn points, beat the clock or win by laps there are a variety of bets that can be placed.

As with all sporting events the types of bets include straightforward bets that are simply placed on the winning cyclist or team. Before placing this type of bet bettors should consider the odds. The favourites to win should be considered because they will have the better chances as opposed to those who have long odds.

A bettor may bet on which teams or cyclists will reach the finalists, which teams or cyclists will be awarded the three medals in order, what time a specific team or cyclist will finish in, how many points a specific team or cyclist will earn and even whether a team or cyclists points will be more or less than a set amount.

The options are endless but betting online at a trustworthy online betting NZ sites means that the best and most accurate odds will be available. The odds are in no way completely accurate and should not be taken as a guarantee but the rule of law governs the fact that there will always one possibility that is either equal to, greater than or less than others. Taking the odds of better outcomes in the World Track Championships into consideration and betting responsibly will lead to positive results in the long term.