Read this Guide and Find out How Accumulators Work

An Accumulator is a wager which combines 4 or more different selections into a single bet that will gain a return only when each one of the parts wins.

The Accumulator Bet Slip

The benefit of an Accumulator is that the winnings are far higher at the expense of any increased risk: only 1 selection need fail in order for the entire bet to lose, which means that those that do not are able to provide some incredible winnings.

When it comes to non-runners, the returns will be calculated as though the Accumulator bet had not contained the selection: for example, a 6-fold will become a 5-fold. Dead heats for the winning positions are settled according to reduced odds which will make use of standard rules and bonuses of a fixed percentage and Accumulator odds which are enhanced are regularly made at Canadian bookmakers for punters to take advantage of.

Accumulators are Provided for a Range of Sports

Accumulator bets are provided for a range of different sporting activities, however Canadian bookmakers will vary regarding their rules as to combining selections from more than 1 of these in order to create a single wager. Selections from the same sporting event may not be combined in order to for a single Accumulator bet, and this rule was put in place in order to prevent people from trying to place a number of different bets on the same runner in order to beat the system and skyrocket returns. The selections made for an Accumulator bet must be mutually independent of one another with online betting NZ punts.

Thanks to the fact that Accumulators are all-or-nothing wagers, many Canadian bettors like to hedge their Accumulator bets by placing wagers on the folds of their bets so that making a gainful return even though not all selections may win is becomes a possibility. For example, a Canadian punter may place a 6-fold accumulator along with a stake on the 6 smaller 5-fold Accumulator bets, so that, even should one of the selections that have been made fail, not everything will be lost.

The Different Types of Accumulator Bets

By definition, an Accumulator bet is made up of at least 4 selections. Those which have fewer than 4 may still behave similarly, but are named differently:

  • 2 bet selections are called a Double
  • 3 bet selections are known as a Treble
  • 4 bet selections will be called a 4-Fold Accumulator
  • 5 bets is a 5-Fold Accumulator
  • 6 bets is a 6-Fold Accumulator
  • 7 wagers is a 7-Fold Accumulator
  • 8 punts is an 8-Fold Accumulator

There is no upper limit to the amount of selections taken, and this means that it is possible to choose bets that could have enormous returns. One case had a punter making CA$1.45 million from a horse race on which he had only bet CA$2!

Canadian punters must, however, always bear in mind that, should any 1 of their selections fail to win, the entire stake will be lost.