Triple Play Draw Poker by IGT

Triple Play Draw Poker – A Comprehensive Video Poker Review

Video poker games were created during the 1980s, in response to the enormous advance of technology made in the casino industry. At about that time, personal computers were just becoming a reality, with many new ways emerging for players to take advantage of the exciting developments made in the business. The earliest video poker game was Draw Poker, and by the standards of today’s games, would appear fairly primitive. These days there are hundreds of different video poker variations, and new games are still being released. Generally video poker games can be played in both single and multi hand versions, and there are different credit denominations that can be used. Most video poker games have rules easy to understand and learn, as they show many similarities to the traditional form of poker.

For casino players, IGT is normally associated with the development of some of the biggest and best slot games. Video poker games have taken the gaming world by storm, first at the land based casinos, and more recently in most of the online casinos. IGT has decided to create one of their own. Triple Play Draw Po0ker is the only video poker game from this company.

All Bases Covered in This Game

IGT has decided to offer players the most comprehensive video poker game around. There are all the bases covered in the Triple Play Draw Poker game. The Triple Play aspect of the game means that you can play with up to three hands of cards at the same time. You are dealt five cards in the first play which are dealt face up. Bets can be made up to five coins per hand. You choose which cards to hold, and those cards are automatically held in all three hands. You hit the draw button, and your replacement cards are drawn from three different decks, giving you many more chances of wins. If you are dealt an initial winner you can win up to eight times the standard payout. Each game in Triple Play Draw Poker features a huge eight hundred times multiplier as a top award.

A Variety of Nine Games can be Played

Triple Play Draw Poker gives you three hands in each of the nine most popular video games, including all of the following games. You can play Jacks or Better, with wins starting with any hand containing a pair of Jacks. There is Bonus poker that offers large payouts on hands containing four of a kind, and the Deluxe version of Bonus Poker with even bigger wins on four of a kind for high volatility.

There is also Double Bonus Poker, with three groups of enhanced play for four of a kind, and even Double Double Bonus Poker, where the prizes are even larger, based on your four of a kind hand. There is the Triple Double Bonus poker game where you can win as much as a royal flush with the right kicker. Deuces Wild can be played, which offers Twos as extra valuable wild cards, and Deuces Wild Bonus, where Twos are wild and five of a kind wins are even higher. Joker Poker can also be played in the Triple Play Draw Poker game, which is played with a fifty two card deck, plus the joker.

Casino Joker Poker

Like 3 variants of online roulette, there are many variants of video poker you can play, or you can go with Triple Play Draw Poker, which has packaged all of the most favourite titles into one great stand-alone game.