What is Entertainment Betting?

One of the greatest advantages to participating in online sports betting is that the betting market is so much wider than what you’ll find at a traditional bookmaker in Canada. Due to the nature of online sports betting, wagers can be placed on virtually any sport imaginable, but there are also plenty of Novelty markets available to choose from.

One such emerging Novelty market is Entertainment betting where wagers can be placed on reality TV, talent competitions, popular televisions series and award shows. While this may sound quite strange, its a growing market, and a vast number of bettors are opting for wagering on who will win So You Think You Can Dance? And The Voice!

Top-Ranked Online Sportsbooks for Entertainment Betting

In order to find the best range of Entertainment bets, bettors in Canada will first have to find a premium online sportsbook. This may sound like a simple task as we have all seen adverts for online sportsbooks all over the Internet, but it’s important to remember that not all online sportsbooks are worth your hard-earned money. As such, punters should visit comparison sites and only create accounts with recommended online sportsbooks that offer entertainment-betting options at their best.

Not all sportsbooks offer entertainment betting as yet, but as this market grows it’s becoming increasingly common to se this type of wagering on offer.

Wide Range of Entertainment Bets

Due to the nature of the entertainment industry, there is a constant stream of new and exciting series and films to enjoy, which has a direct impact on the Entertainment betting markets. Whether you are into reality television shows which offer a slice of life of the rich and famous, talent competitions which test the skills of participants under often harsh circumstances, or award shows celebrating the best in their respective industries, Entertainment betting offers an excellent range of wagers for Canadian bettors whereas traditional bets perform better at Australian horse racing betting sites.

If you enjoy talent competitions, The Voice is one of the most popular shows in the country, and wagers can be placed on a number of aspects of the show, such as which singer or coach will be the overall winner and even which State will win. Award shows such as the Oscars or Grammys offer betting opportunities for all major categories and will make watching the awards even more exciting.

Shopping the Entertainment Betting Odds

One of the greatest pieces of advice Canadian bettors can heed is to create an account with more than one online sportsbook. Before you blow this off as insane, there is a very important reason why this is recommended. As Entertainment betting is a highly popular emerging market, the range of online sportsbooks, which are now offering wagers of this type, continues to grow. In order to ensure that you will receive the maximum payout for a successful wager, you need to shop the Entertainment betting odds at more than one online sportsbook.

It is a simple and easy process and goes like this: peruse the range of Entertainment wagers and odds on offer at your favourite online sportsbook. Now, before staking any money, take a look at what competing online sportsbooks are offering and only place a wager with the site that offers the best return on investment!