An Online Fisticuffs Slots Review & Playing Tips

The title of this slot game is pretty difficult to misconstrue for anything other than what it is, a good old fashioned fight. That’s exactly what’s on the cards, or reels, in this Fisticuffs slot game that is themed on the premise of old school boxing and the factors in and around this sport.

Players will notice as they launch this online slot from NetEnt that the style and atmosphere created also reflect this classical view, painting out the scenario in an assortment of browns and greens that give it a more classical appearance on screen.

Despite this more historical approach though the graphics of this slot are still of a capable quality and as such able to portray all of these unique aspects easily and clearly to the players.

There’s more to Fisticuffs than just fighting though and with references specifically to this slot it also entails a set of 5 reels and just 10 pay lines to make up its base game structure. The other factors that revolve particularly around this experience is that of the betting and other similar options that can often be located below the reels and allow, in the case of this NetEnt slot, for a wide selection of players to set the game up to their preferred settings. Of course there are also a handful of bonuses to encounter.

Punching Down the Themed Aspects from Fisticuffs

Some themes tend to write themselves and with this Fisticuffs slot game that is certainly the case as players will realise from the moment they launch the game. Indeed it is boxing joining players in the ring on this one and not only that but it is the old school style of the craft with all the necessary featured aspects to prove it to the players when they start spinning. The graphics share this austere quality of the theme and whilst certainly capable are deliberately done up in a more classic style. The backdrop of this game from NetEnt shows a boxing ring and the symbols and sound effects follow suit regarding theme assistance.

One of the clearest pictures players will get regarding this Fisticuffs slot theme is from the picture themselves, serving as symbols on the reels of this 5 reeled game. These symbols paint the slot out as firmly on the theme of old styled boxing, including all the necessary paraphernalia one would need to partake in this real money slots Philippines experience. These include boxing gloves, the corner stools, boots, the ring bell and of course the championship cup and respective belt.

Slot Gaming Bonus Features From NetEnt

The bonus features of a slot game don’t really come into play until the later spinning and in this regard they make the most impact in adding longevity to a slot gaming experience. With this Fisticuffs slot from NetEnt the bonuses do much the same role and include the likes of various Wild features that trigger depending on certain events. This includes Straight, Diagonal and even Stacked Wilds that can make winning during the base game far more possible and inviting.