Test Your Fortune in The Fortune Teller Online Slot Game

There are many different superstitions and beliefs out there and one of the more famous of those that of predicting the future and other similar timeline related events. Over the centuries there have been many that were regarded as capable of this feat and whilst the story of future forecasting remains still just a story, the idea has often been fondly approached.

One of the most famous of those that could divine the future were those mystics that now find themselves the lead in this NetEnt mobile pokies NZ game entitled Fortune Teller and clearly of the relation to these gypsy like peoples that were known for their prophetic capabilities.

This unique theme is presented well in this slot game and with nice levels of graphical input. Beyond the style imbued into this mystic Fortune Teller slot game there is also an actual slot game and it comprises of a set of 5 highly decorated reels and 30 pay lines which has the capabilities of being adjusted to help the players settle on a preferred bet level. The setup of this is relatively simple however NetEnt have also added a few bonus features, including some free spins, a Wild and even a themed bonus game done pick’em style.

An Envisioned Future of Online Slot Themes

It is rather easy to see why an online slot titled Fortune Teller became a thing, given that the theme rather aptly ties in with the industry in question. In terms of what factors are resent in this theme portrayal and how well NetEnt did in their construction of said slot, the result is quite appealing and adds a certain atmosphere to the spinning taking place. There is no real backdrop to this slot game, instead a white background covers the area behind the symbols, making them pop quite effectively on the reels. The border to the reels is where a substantial degree of the theme’s atmosphere is constructed, making the reels themselves look quite extravagant and tuned to the theme. Overall players will not be disappointed with the appearance of this slot game.

On the subject of symbols, this Fortune Teller slot performs well, presenting a fair few detailed icons familiar with the overall theme onto the 5 reels involved in the game. Players will do well to become familiar with these symbols as they are ultimately responsible for a good deal of the winnings that players can then potentially win. These include Tarot cards, caravans, black cats and more.

Fortune Teller Fun Bonus Features Included

The bonuses involved with this Fortune Teller slot game from NetEnt are fairly intuitive and also theme related for the most part. This includes the customary Wild symbol included in many slot games, as well as a fairly effective and rewarding free spins feature which can net players some 12 free spins, a good number to play around with. The final and most impressive bonus feature included in this Fortune Teller slot is the bonus game which allows players to play a pick’em game using Tarot cards and awarding some decent prizes.