Bobby 7s Online Slots Review & Tips

Bobby 7s is a lighthearted five reel and twenty five payline online slot that utilises a playful, colourful cartoon art style in order to communicate a light hearted and fun atmosphere to the player.

This starts with the background of the slot which is a sleepy small town scene with small houses, bungalows and other buildings lit up with glowing yellow windows.

Below the houses is pitch black, but above, the player can see the setting sun creating an orange to pink gradient that fades into the night sky. The sky is dotted with starts as well as puffy grey clouds and a brilliant full moon.

Probably one of the most playful elements of Bobby 7s is the black cat outlined on the moon. It’s sitting on the top left corner of the slot while overlooking the sleepy town. In the bottom left corner, the player can see a police car. This car hints at the name of this slot, Bobby 7s, because a bobby is another name for a police officer in the United Kingdom.

The reels themselves are housed in the police station itself. On the left and the right columns of the police station, the player can see the various paylines available to place bets on. These paylines are housed in multi-coloured boxes with white text. On the bottom of the police station, players are given tips and information about the game in the form of text that changes from time to time.

Below the reels is the usual mix of information and betting options that the player can adjust. The player’s lines and bet can be adjusted by pushing the green and orange up and down buttons. There is also some information on display including the player’s balance, the player’s total bet, and the player’s win as well as spin, info and autoplay buttons. This is also where the gamble button is located.

Bobby 7s Symbols

Symbols in this game follow along with the title of the slot and also take from some classic symbols that anyone from a veteran of slots to a new player will be familiar with. From least to most valuable, these symbols include a red cherry paired with a yellow lemon, a purple plumb paired with an orange, a strawberry and a watermelon.

There are also the policeman who serves as the wild and four bonus symbols. The bonus symbols include the thief, the police 7, the judge 8 and the crook seven.

Bonus Features

Getting a total of three bonus symbols anywhere on reels four, three or two will trigger a different bonus game. The thief symbol will kick off a free spins bonus mini game. The police 7 symbol will kick off a mini game of hi/lo. The judge 7 activates a multiplier mini game and the crook 7 symbol will trigger a pick and win mini game.

If the player is feeling daring at Canadian casino online, they can also use the gamble feature to try and double their money. All they have to do is pick the correct suit or colour of the next drawn card. Guess wrong and the player loses their cash for that round.