Golden Sevens, a Basic Slot with Extras

Golden Sevens is one of those Novomatic slots titles that takes the simplicity of design and game play of the original mechanical fruit machine, then ramps it up with the addition of one or two exciting features. In the case of Golden Sevens, these include the welcome addition of 20 pay lines, as well as free spin bonuses that are triggered by combinations of ordinary symbols.

The game plays on five reels with three rows of symbols, and the design is a simple box of blue and gold on a blue background, with the 20 pay lines indicated down either side. The reels are transparent, and although the symbols have a 3D quality, they are simply but recognisably rendered. The limited number of stock fruit and other icons is another feature that stays true to Golden Sevens’ fruit machine origins.

Classic Stock Fruit Machine Symbols

There are no pokers symbols to be found in Golden Sevens, happily. The game relies entirely on the basic fruit machine classics: six fruit icons plus a 7 and a bell. With only eight icons in play, Golden Sevens gives players better odds of producing matches of three or more in unbroken succession on the pay lines, beginning on Reel 1, than they get on slot tiles with lots more symbols.

The triple cherries symbol, in another nod to vintage slots, actually pay a prize for two matches or better. From two to five of a kind, the cherries win 5, 25, 50 or 180 coins. The orange, lemon and olive icons need three matches or better to win, but these combinations pay the same 25, 50 or 180 coins as the cherries do. The watermelon and the apple are the highest-paying fruit symbols, each winning 50, 200 or 500 coins for three, four or five matches, respectively.

Bells and Sevens for Top Wins

The gold bell, another import direct from the fruit machine, is the seventh Golden Sevens icon, Slots NZ winning 100, 400 or 1,000 coins for three, four or five of a kind. The final symbol, a classic red 7 on a square gold plaque, spruced up with a golden S, pays the top prizes: 100, 1,000 or 5,000 coins for a match of three, four or five.

Although Golden Sevens has no Wild, all of the symbols can arrive stacked, covering two or even all three windows on one reel. Adjacent matching stacks from Reel 1 can trigger huge prizes that make up for the absence of a Wild. Five stacks of 7s, filling up all 15 spaces on the reels, triggers Golden Sevens’ progressive jackpot, which can be worth hundreds of thousands of coins. Even with one 7 missing on the final reel, the player could still win more than 70,000 coins.

Free Spins Triggered by Some Combos

Depending on the casino hosting the title, Golden Sevens also comes in variations where certain symbol combinations also trigger immediate free re-spins. Some versions have these re-spins only kicking in for top wins like four or five bells or 7s, while more generous versions throw in a re-spin after any win higher than two cherries. With or without these bonuses, however, Golden Sevens’ 20 pay lines combined with a restricted number of icons can trigger substantial wins.